UCI Rowing Triple Header Weekend

Dear Friends, Family, Alumni, Supporters,

We are into April of the Spring racing season and this year's crew is red hot with momentum. We are excited to see the winter miles pay off as we get closer to Championship season. We believe with each race our student-athletes are able to take away valuable lessons learned and apply them to the next race.
Big Row! Saturday, April 2nd & UC Davis Duel Sunday, April 3rd
UCI Women's Varsity 8+ heads up to Redwood Shores Saturday for a double header to race California & Stanford.

The Varsity 8+ will line up against the 3rd varsity from California at 9:00AM. The anteaters, a boat of primarily first year rowers, will try their hearts and newly learned skills against seasoned recruited athletes in a 2000 meter race. At 10:20AM, they will line up against a National class shell from host Stanford. Stanford's crew will race their freshman recruits who row in their various competitive varsity, 2nd varsity and 3rd varsity shells.

On Sunday, UCI Varsity 8+ and Novice 8+ will travel to the port of West Sacramento to line up against UC Davis varsity and novice crews. The varsity race is at 9:00AM and the Novice race is at 9:20AM. The crews are well matched, as both are club programs and racing is expected to be close.

Race Schedule: 

Saturday, April 2nd - Redwood Shores, CA
9:00AM - UC Irvine V8+ vs California N8+
10:20AM - UC Irvine V8+ vs Stanford N8+

Sunday, April 3rd, 2022 - Port of Sacramento, CA
9:00AM - UC Irvine V8+ vs UC Davis V8+
9:20AM - UC Irvine N8+ vs UC David N8+

Directions of Redwood Shores
From 101 South take the Ralston/Marine World Parkway Exit
Head East on Marine World Parkway
Turn Right @ 2nd set of lights which is Twin Dolphin Drive
Turn left @ 1st set of lights into Lagoon Drive
Continue 100m to enter Paragon Point where Lagoon Drives curves to the left.

Spectating Redwood Shores
Best spectating will be on the deck of the Grand Bay hotel at Redwood Shores or the Bridge located at the 1000 Meter Mark.

Spectating at UC Davis
Please contact Coach Mike Sullivan directly at [email protected] for more information. 
Gearing up for the Husky Open
The UC Irvine Men's Varsity 8+ heads up to race the Washington Huskies in the Montlake Cut for the first time in 41 years. The last time UC Irvine has raced was the 1981 crew at the Opening Day Regatta.

Connor Basile '22 Team Captain:

"We are really excited as both a boat and a program to be going up to Washington for the first time in 41 years. The Varsity 8 is looking forward to testing our speed and continuing an already productive racing season. Not often do you get to compete against world caliber crews but we have that opportunity right in front of us. Few crews get this chance and even fewer UCI oarsmen have done it so for us, it’s a point of pride that we’re the group to do it. Coach Brooks always does a great job creating training plans that peak us at the right times and we are feeling good going into the weekend. The racing is going to be tough but that’s what rowing is all about. I think this boat does an exceptional job of executing and laying it all out there, which is exactly what we plan to do on Saturday. We’re also happy to represent UC Irvine Rowing and bring this experience to the boathouse. It will elevate the training atmosphere and continue our program’s already successful journey to a national championship."
Race Schedule

Saturday April 2nd
8:05AM - UC Irvine V8+ vs University of Washington F8+, University of Washington 3V8+, University of British Columbia V8+
9:15AM - UC Irvine V4+ vs Oregon State V4+, Western Washington V4+ 

Race Course & Spectating

The Montlake Cut has been the Huskies‘ home course since 1960 and is considered one of the most iconic in collegiate rowing.

The 2,000-meter sprint begins from a starting platform parallel to the 520 Bridge near Webster Point in Lake Washington and runs east to west through the Montlake Cut and to the finish line near the mouth of Portage Bay in Lake Union.

Fans line both sides of the Cut and the overhanging Montlake Bridge, creating an atmosphere akin to rowing through a stadium.

Anywhere along the Cut provides excellent viewing of the races, but here are three areas that are popular with our fans:

  • Finish Line. The finish line is located on the northwest side of the Montlake Cut behind the UW Medical Center. It can be accessed through the walkway along the Cut.
  • Montlake Bridge.  Generally packed for major races, viewing from atop the Montlake Bridge providing views eastbound to the start and westbound to the finish. For the Windermere Cup this bridge is closed to automobile traffic, but at all other races it is not, and spectators need to be especially aware of traffic on this busy thoroughfare. There are stairs down to the Cut on both ends of the bridge: stairs on the east side (on the south end of the bridge) and on the west side (at the north end).
  • Canoe House. Located on the northeast of the Cut, this is the old Navy hangar that served as our shellhouse from 1920 to 1949. The 1923 IRA champions, the ’36 guys, the ’48 guys – all called this home. So for the old-timers, or for those who enjoy the past with the present, this is a good place to watch.  Also, at about 600 meters left in the race and at the entrance to the Cut, things get a little wild in here.

In addition, the south side of the Cut has a walkway that runs 500 meters to the finish. Lane 1 is nearest to this side, and the finish line flag is here as well. The downside is room is limited, as the Cut in some places is fairly steep and, as opposed to the north side which is UW property, the south side abuts private property (which is fairly well marked). Towards the finish line it opens up more, and the sloping grass provides excellent viewing points.

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