UCI Rowers Emeritus

Our goal is to commit 100 Alumni supporters to match the annual dues of the current student athletes. Progress so far:


Thank you to this group of very special alumni supporters!!

“Leadership is doing what is right when no one is watching.”

George van Valkenburg

1960’s & 70’s

0 Members
Stu Gibson1966-1969
Mike Thompson1968-1971
Vince Mestre1970-1971
George Stone1970-1972
Stephen Zotovich1972-1973
Brian Atwood1971-1974
John Walker1971-1974
Mike Sullivan1971-1974
Jim Currie1972-1975
Rick Peterson1972-1975
Greg Rose1972-1975
John Sutton1973-1975
Bruce Ibbetson1972-1975
Bill Grant1974-1976
Mark Massman1975-1976
Curt Fleming1977-1978
Greg Bates1975-1976
Mike Gilb1976-1979
Jeff Brown1978-1979
Mark Oemcke1978-1979
Paul Marron1978-1979


0 Members
Dan Angress1978-1980
Dave Lebel1978-1981
Jay Collins1978-1981
Mark Bradburne1978-1981
Michael Eastwood1980-1981
Christer Fiege-Kollmann1979-1982
George Basile1980-1983
Peter Kobrak1981-1984
Kristin Stephen1983
Jeff Emdee1983-1986
Bill McGovern1983-1986
Alex Hubbard1984-1987
Mike Aguiar1985-1988
Tom Kirksey1985-1988
Travis Boaz1985-1988
Powell Thurston1987-1990


0 Members
Joon Oh1989-1991
Craig Sandberg1991-1992
Todd Canfield1990-1993
Scott Hirotsu1993
Rob Walker1994-1996
Josh Rogge1995-1998
Chris Romberg1996-1999


0 Members
David Heimerl1998-2001
Theodore Khachaturian & Margaret Fortmeier1997-2001
Michael Chen2000-2003
Michael Maxwell2000-2003
Dan Gromis2001-2004
John Segui2005-2007
Jeff Draper2006-2009


0 Members
Ali Zarrabian2009-2011
Kyle Starr & Tiffany Cho2012-2015
James Wickenhaeuser2016
Khalid Elassaad2015-2018


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Bob NewmanCoach
Duvall Hecht In MemoriamFounder & Coach
Frank Jameson In MemoriamFounder

It takes a village to keep the boathouse doors open and the UCI Rowing Program running smoothly. There are three sources of funding for the Crew.


Each current athlete pays $1500 per year in Club dues. This covers uniforms and local travel to California regattas.

Rec Department

The UCI Anteater Recreation Department contributes a rigger’s salary to keep the boats in racing condition and they cover the maintenance and utilities at the boathouse. Most of this funding was made possible from the generous endowment funded by Henry T. Nicholas, III in 1999.

Friends of UCI Rowing

The program remains a competitive force in Club rowing with the help of the Friends of UCI Rowing. We aim to raise $150,000 per year to support the crew. This pays for top-tier coaching and allows for some travel expenses to regattas like ACRA (Georgia) and the Henley (UK). FoUCIR also helps to fund the purchase of new boats and equipment.

With only 100 alumni pledging to match a student’s fees each year, we can lock in our support and fulfill our pledge to “pay it forward” to future generations of elite Anteater oarsmen and women.