Pre-Regatta Safety Meeting:

Races proceed on FIVE minute centers. Therefore, it is imperative that you follow the schedule precisely! Become very familiar with the racecourse map. Launch from your boat storage area for your Round 1 race in time to follow this schedule: Check in with official #5 seven minutes before the start. Be in the start staging area FIVE minutes before the start. Be locked in to your stake boats TWO minutes prior to the start. As soon as the race preceding yours departs, pull up and lock-in to stake boats. Late attachment incurs a ten second penalty. Each Pool race will follow this same timing plan.

You may use the entire area in the yellow course region for warm-up and prep as long as you do NOT go past the Ferry Lane at #6. Your lane assignments will not change unless you reach the playoffs. The number preceding your letter is your lane. Lane one is on the left.

The starting commands will be: “ATTENTION, … , GO!” There is a slight bend in the course so the lanes will be staggered by three meters. The start and finish lines are parallel. At approximately half way, there will be 1 red buoy at the slight turn. You must pass between the appropriate buoys delineating your lane or incur a penalty. There will be a checkered finish flag at the finish line at the second red Lighthouse of Marina Park.  After you finish each race, catch your breath, then clear the finish area for the next race.

The regatta requires a long time for three rounds of pool racing, so after round one or two, you may pull in to shore at the designated area, stretch your legs and glutes, use the facility, and pick up mesh bags of water and oranges, then return to your shells and pull away. Be ever mindful of the schedule as the regatta will not wait for you. If you would prefer to discard your water/oranges bag before your next start, toss it to an Official.

Bring your cell phone and register your #. A false start (early departure) equals disqualification.

If you incur breakage, row on, try to finish and cure later. If you foul or impede another crew you may be penalized or disqualified. If you are fouled, row on; you may be allowed a re-row for a fair time. Crabs, sorry! Weigh-ins—none: be honest. Serious weather, exert care and call in for info.

Virtual Coach Cox Meeting Information:

For those attending the zoom meeting on Friday, March 4th, please refer to the information below.

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Meeting ID: 897 0520 3014