A great start to the season as the Anteaters rolled out in five eights this past weekend to take on Newport Aquatic Center & Orange Coast College in an on-the-water scrimmage. The scrimmage was 3×3 miles (3x4k) and the Anteaters in mixed lineups finished ahead of Orange Coast but fell to Newport Aquatic in the overall standings in the workout. This scrimmage incorporated every rowing program in the harbor and all the coaches acted as marshals to the racing.


A handful of alumni & parents made their way out to represent and support our new novice and existing varsity oarsman. Big shout outs to Kyle Starr (15), Tiffany Choo (’15), Adam Johnstone (’15), Justin Hempsey (’16), and Dean Defuria (’17) for waking up early on your Saturday morning to cheer on the boys.


If you are feeling left out, there are more opportunities this Fall to get out there and ride the launch with Coach Brooks or spectate from shore. We have three more 3×3 mile regattas scheduled this Fall, so make sure to check them out below and get involved!


Upcoming Racing Events