The team is officially back in action as our student-athletes are back in session. Over the last few weeks, the boys engaged in the Winter Meters Challenge rallying up as much possible work over the break.
Here is a breakdown! 
  • Meters on the water: 5,976,000m
  • Meters on the erg: 3,573,500m
  • Jumpies: 68,070
  • Pushups: 47,965
  • Hours of Weights: 260.2
  • Hours of Running: 178.78
  • Hours of Hiking: 116.5
  • Hours of Surfing: 21
  • Hours of Swimming: 130
  • Hours of Basketball: 40
  • Hours of Yoga: 20
  • Minutes of Ab’s: 4,208
  • Minutes of Stretching: 6,895
  • Pull-ups: 1010
 The Anteaters put in the work over the holiday and are now back on the water honing their craft to be the team to beat this Spring.


Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

3rd Annual UC Challenge Cup

We had a great turnout last year and are looking to make this our official Alumni Day this season. Come down for morning races and stick around for Newport shenanigans and an alumni banquet on the UCI campus later that evening.
Saturday Evening, March 3rd, 2018
More details will follow in the coming days!

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