This summer, two of our Varsity oarsmen, Cole McGuire (team captain) and Khalid Elassaad, went to the University of Washington for US National Team training camp. They have since finished the program, but we wanted to share a note that Cole sent to the friends. The Friends organization was able to provide Khalid with a $2000 stipend to cover the cost of the camp registration and some of his travel expenses. One of the many ways Friends of UCI Rowing chooses to allocate the generous donations from our alumni, supporters and friends!

Hey guys,
I wanted to give you all an update on how the performance/selection camp is going up here in Seattle. So far it’s been a humbling and awesome experience. Not only do Khalid and I get to row six times a week in the rowing hubs of Lake Washington and Lake Union, but also get to do it at a high skill level with some of UW’s best.

We’ve had the opportunity to row in every boat class here at the camp, as well as race in many of them at BC champs in Victoria, Canada a few weeks ago. There, Khalid and I raced six times over the course of three days, one of those being in an 8+ against the Canadian U23 national team. (We finished second going 5:47 with Canada at 5:42) The camp continues until August 5th, and we will continue to do competitive steady state and pieces in small boats with the other UW oarsmen, as well as lift and train using their athletic facilities.

It’s been a blast for me here, and I think I can safely say Khalid has been having a lot of fun as well. He’ll be going into his third year this upcoming season and I think this experience has been extremely valuable to him and the program (seeing as we can bring some of what we’ve learned to the team).

I just wanted to keep you guys in the loop! Hope your summer is going well, it’s been beautiful so far up here.