One time donations

  • Membership

    $0.00$125.00 / year
    It takes $150,000 per year to keep the boathouse doors open. That means we only need 100 sustaining donors at the Rower Emeritus Level to cover our operating costs.
    Will you match the financial commitment of our current rowers at $1,500 / year and become part of UCI Rower Emeritus Team 100?
    Of course, not everyone can contribute at this level. We have various membership tiers to fit any budget, and every dollar counts and is greatly appreciated! As always any contribution to Friends of UCI Rowing is tax-deductible.
  • Donation

    Suggested Donation: $100.00
    Friends of UCI Rowing is a 501(c)(3) charity, where any donations you make that are not in exchange for goods and services are tax deductible. You can choose any amount you like, by simply entering it into the box. Thanks for your support!