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We have concluded the regular season and are gearing up for the WIRA Championship this Saturday & Sunday at Lake Natoma. The team has been training all season long for their chance to compete for best in the region as an integral stepping stone toward the National Championship in 5 weeks.
We are entered into a series of events this upcoming weekend, boats and athletes listed below. To stay tuned in this weekend during the event, here is the link to the live stream

Men’s Varsity 8+
Budge II
Madeline S., Connor B., Erik W., Patrick W., Khalid E., Max R., Mathew G., Josh A., Colin P.

Men’s 2nd Varsity 8+
Henry Nicholas III
Alyssa F., Kevin T., Ryan W., Bruce L., David K., Don I., Ian F., Justin H., Bryan H.

Men’s Novice 8+
Loyal Founder
Elizabeth H., Anand J., Cameron R., Alex W., Reese T., Denver C., Tyler W., Brooks K., James S.

Men’s Varsity 4+
Alyssa F., Mathew G., Josh A., Khalid E., Connor B.

Men’s Lightweight 4+
Carlos D., Bryan H., Justin H., Ryan W., Kevin T.

Men’s Pair
Colin P., Patrick W.

Men’s Novice 4+
Elizabeth H., Cameron R., Alex W., James S., Anand J.

Men’s Novice Lightweight 4+
Josh C., Jay T., James T., Christian R., James B.