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Friends of UCI Rowing Meeting

July 15, 2018


Goals for this meeting:  

        – Henley review

        – Endowing/funding coaching position

        – Boathouse replacement team

        – need to up our game on fundraising

1. Introduction of New Board Member

Meet new board secretary Brian Frank

2. AG:

Henley Royal Regatta – Review:

Regatta / Experience – What Did We Gain / What Did We Learn

Total Fundraised – Distribution of Funds

Thank You Notes – Address / List of Donors

Campus Leadership – Exposure / Media / Momentum

3. Vince:

Meeting with UCI staff

        – endowing coaching position, the numbers

        – boathouse and the campus architect

        – lease restrictions

        – who are these people?

4. Vince:

Alternatives for funding coaching position

        – endowment

        – through oarsman fees (fees to club, club pays salary and benefits)

        – through NAC staffing, possible Friends subsidize NAC partially

        – Friends funding via stipends.

        – adding AJ as center of  fundraising effort

5. Vince and AJ

Upping our fundraising game

        – discussion with Brian Frank about efforts to fill-in missing alumni (database hell)

        – adding women alums and their families

                – ability to designate donation to men’s or women’s crew

        – establishing donor level categories (per year)

                – Henley >= $20k

                – Coach >=  $10k

                – Stroke >=  $5k

                – Coxswain >= $1k

                – Rigger >= $500

                – Friend >= $100

Each newsletter we publish the number of people/organizations in each category and identify Stroke and above by name (with permission of donor).        

6. End of Season News Letter – Printed

Fiscal Report – How Much Did We Raise in 2017/2018 / What Are Our Goals? / List of Donors / Contributors 

Budge II – Carbon Wing Filippi / Added to the Fleet

Successful Racing Season – Schedule / Results

UC Challenge Cup – HTN III Donation / Involvement 

Graduating Seniors

7. Club vs Varsity 

Varsity Status Under Athletics / Super Club Model? – Pros / Cons

What is the Bigger Picture?

8. Boathouse / Endowment 

        – team or subcommittee of stewards

                – inventory of what we have

                – needs study

                – compare to other boathouses in Newport

                – compare to other west coast boathouses

                        – sq ft boat storage

                        – sq ft maintenance

                        – sq ft ergs/weights

                        – sq ft meeting/classroom

                        – sq ft restrooms

                        – parking spaces

9. Board Member Terms

For discussion and clarification:

  • get an accurate list of when each member started
  • clarify/document when each member is up for re-election
  • discuss how the board would like to do future elections: whole board, groups (i.e. class A, B, C alternating each year), or individuals (we just remember when each person is up for re-election
  • when is next election and who’s up?