I keep in touch regularly with several of my UCI crewmates. Dan Angress was my “Best Man”, and I was “Best Man” at weddings for Karl Schnakenburg and Jay Collins. Over the past decades, I’ve also kept in touch with Dave Lebel, Bill Imhof, Mark Oemcke, Mark Bradburne, Peter Johnson, Jeff Brown, Christer Fiegekollman, Paul Marron, Val Valenti, Mark Orme, Didi Yeh, Mike Gilb, George Basile, Kim Reynolds, Stan Townsend, Bruce Ibbetson, coach Mike Sullivan, and a few others.

The 50th reunion of The Newport Regatta and UCI Crew in 2015 was an especially fun weekend. Conversations with old friends from my UCI rowing days picked up right where they left off, decades earlier. Our friendships and laughter hadn’t lost anything as we recalled old stories about crazy pranks and fun times we shared so long ago. The “Old Guys” match race was a blast too.

In 2019, Dave Lebel and I arranged for a group of us to attend ACRA on Lake Lanier in Gainesville, GA where Dave lives. We had so much fun, that we’re already planning for ACRA 2021 in Oakridge, TN.

I’d go anywhere with my UCI crewmates and do just about anything for them. They’re the greatest friends I’ve ever had and I’ll always be thankful and proud that I had the opportunity to row with them on The UCI Crew.