This page is multipurpose!

Use it to look up names in our database and their contact info, but also use it to request changes to existing information.

On the left side, you can see the LIVE alumni database in real-time. This is NOT editable, but is easy to search/filter and download as needed.

On the right side, you can request changes to the live data. Brian and David will validate that data and update the database throughout the process.

If you have any technical problems or questions about how to filter or search the database, contact David and Brian!

Current Database Contact Information

Here are some more details about our Team 100 Campaign to help keep us all on the same page with our outreach.

Suggested email template to customize to your liking:

Dear __________,

A big idea recently came from an alumnus: UCI Crew alumni with the means should consider making an ongoing annual commitment to fund the team at the same level that UCI rowers pay for their club dues.  Today, that’s $1,500 / year.

If you commit today, you will join the exclusive ranks of our UCI Rower Emeritus Team, ensuring the program’s annual operating costs are covered.

It takes $150,000 per year to keep the boathouse doors open. That means we only need 100 of these VIP donors to join the team.

Will you match the base financial commitment of our current rowers and be an ongoing part of the team?

As always any contribution to Friends of UCI Rowing is tax-deductible.

Follow this link to sign up on our website today!

Phone Call Tips:

If you are contacting people by phone, it’s a great opportunity to verify any/all of their contact info we have in our database. We suggest you run through the spiel about becoming a Rower Emeritus, and open up their record in the list above and update/confirm with them as appropriate while you are on the phone.

Doing this ensures we have up to date information on even alumni who aren’t going to join at this time.